Ian Malpass
The founder and President
of Millennium Mat Company
Ian Malpass is the founder and President of Millennium Mat Company. Located in Suwanee, Millennium is a major manufacturer of walk-off mats and licensed sports products. Originally from the UK, Ian has had an unconventional business career. After leaving school prematurely, he started life as a waiter. After time, he left the catering industry to start a new career in sales. Fortunate to land a job with Proctor & Gamble, to whom he attributes all his sales training and philosophy, he moved through a variety of sales and marketing positions, until finally hitting on the idea of mat rental. With his wife Ania, they started Just Mats in 1987, and became the largest independently owned mat service business in the UK within 5 years.

Not satisfied with the quality of products offered, they went into manufacturing their own in 1993. Building on the growing success of the business, they purchased the 1st Chromojet carpet printing system for mats in 1996. Innovative ideas and teamwork were the essential ingredients for the success of Just Mats, and later the Millennium Mat Company.

Ian built Millennium from nothing 12 years ago, into a thriving venture that now exports to over 23 countries. He has also successfully started Millennium Mat UK, FANMATS and most recently, MPOWER. He operates under the philosophy of empowering the people who do the work to be able to make the changes needed for success. Inverting the organization chart and supporting success at the grass-roots level has made Millennium the business it is today.


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