Millennium Mat Company is not only committed to the use of recycled materials, but relishes the challenge of combining its own waste with others, to produce products of the highest quality.

While many companies stress the careful handling and reusability of their goods, we go out of our way to find byproducts that we can combine and redesign into our new and exciting product lines. All of which contribute to reduced costs, landfill build up and the prolonged use of valuable resources.

Take our automotive range, which includes car mats. Nearly one million pieces of vinyl mats leave our facility annually for thousands of retailers across America, like Wal-Mart, Target and AutoZone. By recycling scrap and excess materials of our own, and actively seeking others, we are saving millions of pounds of PVC, TPV and TPO waste.

Another product, Active Tile, is now made of 100% recycled rubber, saving thousands of car and truck tires from US landfills. The EcoGuard, our most eco-friendly mat, features a carpeted surface composed of 100% post-consumer recycled drinking bottles and a crumb rubber backing also made from recycled tires.

Using and combining recycled ingredients is no easy matter and many companies shy away from the test. Our philosophy at Millennium Mat Company is straightforward: To pro-actively work within our production chain by pushing our key suppliers to create and integrate recycled materials into as many points of the program as possible, and where cost is a potential issue, share the decision with the customer.


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